Bactronix opens the next franchise in South Carolina, called Bactronix of the Grand Strand. The franchise will cover the
territory from Myrtle Beach to Hilton head.

The owners, Greg & Daria Busang are very excited about the opportunity they are bringing to this market area. The
Bactronix Franchise Agreement was signed on August 29th and they expect to be fully operational by October 1st. South
Carolina is a great market area, considering that the high levels of humidity are perfect breeding grounds for mold, algae
and bacteria.

Bactronix of the Grand Strand, S.C. will focus on testing and treatment of Residential Homes, Pre-Owned Automotive,
Emergency Service Vehicles, Gyms, Doctor Practices, Schools, Boats, Ships and Care Facilities.
Several other franchises are pending, including Bactronix of Nashville, TN. The opening of this franchise is expected within
the next 30 days!

Bactronix Sanitization Company - Services and Products

Congratulations to the Busang family!



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