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Creating and Maintaining
A Healthy Living Environment

Residential and Commercial Solutions.

BactroKill C3 – Cosmetology Complete Care

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BactroKill C3- is an EPA registered, hospital grade bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, and pseudomonacidal disinfectant that eco responsible. BactroKill C3 does not contain dangerous poisons such chemicals are also extremely dangerous for Cosmetologists to work with.

BactroKill C3- Meets state infection control regulations for Cosmetologists. C3 kills germs in 60 seconds. C3 will eliminate bacteria, fungus and virus including the Coronavirus (when used according to the manufactures directions for Canine Parvovirus) and is featured on the EPA N List. See label for more information and usage.

Choose from 3 convenient sizes for you or your salon.

6 reviews for C3 – Cosmetology Complete Care

  1. Jenny Rogers

    Finally a product that replaces the toxic Marvicide and Barbicide. I like C 3 because it is a Hospital disinfectant that is very effective and non-toxic.

  2. Tracy Beck

    I work in a hair salon that recently replaced all Marvicide and Barvicide products with C3 from Bactronix. I am so glad we finally got rid of the chemicals. C3 is much safer for us, the employees, as well as, our clients.

  3. Jenny Sone

    We use C3 BactroKill in our salon for disinfecting and to kill the formaldehyde odor.At first I couldn’t believe it but it is very effective in neutralizing odors.Finally a non toxic product for salons!!!

  4. Jane wilson

    I have never liked the high toxicity levels of Marvicide and filled the glasses at all stations with the non-toxic C 3 BactroKill from Bactronix. We also use the BactroKill spray bottles to clean and disinfect all stations.

  5. Marty Musovic

    Never was aware of the high levels of contamination in my tanning salons until Bactronix ran a number of tests on the tanning beds. I was in chock when I saw the results before and after C 3 was applied.
    I am very pleased with the results. Not only did C 3 kill the bacteria on the surfaces, the entire salons smell much fresher. I consider myself lucky and now show my customers and employees that we are taking a pro-active approach.We " fight the invisible enemy with C 3 from Bactronix".

  6. Jacky Chase

    I had no idea at all what C3 was until a friend of mine introduced me to it.As a frequent traveler I use it to spay on touch points in the airplanes, rental cars, hotel rooms, cinema seats, shopping carts, etc.I want to be pro-active in preventing colds and other infections. I am a "green" fanatic and I like the fact that C3 is non-toxic and still highly effective against most bacteria and viruses.

Joe Simmens on 12-12-2019 03:45 PM
Great product for my salon. We use it to disinfect all hard and soft surfaces. It neutralizes the odor throughout the entire salon.
Ashley Marin on 05-27-2020 03:59 PM
I’m highly impressed by Desiree Powell the creator of C3 Cosmetology Complete Care. Her knowledge on microorganisms and disinfection protocols is top notch. And her partnership with bactronix to create change in the beauty industry is incredible!

As beauty pros let’s create a movement around a new standard of safe, eco friendly, EPA certified, hospital grade disinfectants!!

Beauty professionals are in the top 10 professions, just like plastic workers and etc to get cancer because of the carcinogenic protocols that have been industry standards. But y’all let’s band together and create a NEW industry standard!

C3 IS THE ANSWER! It’s kills 99.9% within 60 seconds now that’s a game changer! I work so quickly between clients and this is a life saver product! I just spray 2-3 mists of C3 all over my station, products, tools and chair and can be good to go to keep rolling through clients!

Let’s all change the standard together! Go Buy C3 now!
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