For the past 60 years, the typical protocol for killing bacteria (and mold) hasn’t changed very much. In many cases, we are still using harmful, toxic chemicals such as ammonia, bleach and peroxides to disinfect contaminated surfaces. After applying these poisons over many years, the bacteria have developed immunity to where they are resistant to treatment. It is the continued use of these poisonous products that have contributed to the development of the Super Bug Syndrome. These poisonous products offer no evidence of residual long term antimicrobial protection. As a result, the standard cleaning and disinfecting protocols are no longer effective in eliminating certain types of bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds.

Both products, BactroKill and BactroBlock, that we use in the Bactronizing Process are EPA registered at a toxicity level 4, which is the lowest possible rating by the EPA. The products are considered “GREEN”, safe to humans, plants , pets and the environment. BactroKill and BactroBlock apply the physical kill process to which no immunity can develop. Long term residual is part of the Bactronizing Process as well.