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Partner with America’s most advanced microbial company

Our business is built on the pillars of honesty, trust and goodwill. We listen to our customers and provide services to the highest ethical standards.


After investing millions of dollars in research and development for advanced testing, products, processes, and equipment, Bactronix has grown into one of the nation’s leading environmentally responsible, microbial control companies.


The Bactronizing® treatment effectively reduces mold, bacteria, fungi, viruses and bad odors. Bactronizing® is a highly effective, non-corrosive, “no – touch” process that uses a hospital grade disinfectant. Our products are EPA registered.

Good Will

We care about the environment and our customers’ health and well-being. Our products are non-toxic and eco-responsible.

Why Bactronix?

Bactronix is the most advanced, environmentally safe, high tech sanitizing and disinfecting company in the United States. Our company is at the forefront of disinfecting treatment and process technology. We have developed an innovative and revolutionary “NO – TOUCH”, disinfecting nanotechnology.

The Bactronix Corporation has invested and will continue to invest millions of dollars in scientific research and is now applying these tests and processes in today’s residential, commercial and healthcare industries.

The initial investment…

  • Territorial rights to a market area of no less than 1 million people
  • Fully equipped customer service van
  • Testing and measuring equipment
  • Literature designs for all markets
  • High quality audio and video productions for radio and TV advertising
  • Intensive training and certification to become a Bionomic Specialist
  • Access to all Bactronix trademarks and service marks
  • Business development and marketing programs
  • Proprietary application processes
  • Exclusive products
  • Operations systems training
  • Operational manual and sales manual
  • Access to Bactronix research and development
  • Exclusive Bactronizing Certification
  • Leads that are generated at headquarters relating to your market area
  • Benefits of services pertaining to national accounts
  • Right to sell products and services in open territories

… And you start with the following assets

  • An exclusive franchise territory
  • The Bactronix brand name
  • Multi-media marketing materials for radio, TV and print advertisements
  • A complete start-up package
  • Professional training and certification
  • A proven method of how to run a business
  • Strong support from the franchisor
  • Advanced technology to stay ahead of the competition
  • A corporate program that continues to develop advanced technologies.

Bactronix is committed to providing the best training and certification in today’s microbial control industry.

The one week training includes a comprehensive program that teaches the basics of business, product knowledge, testing and applicaiton techniques, general analyses, customer presentations, reporting, generating quotation and record keeping.

Join the growing number of other Bactronix Franchisees.

Be part of this national, revolutionary, Bactronizing® process while your strategic market is still available. You can be first in your region to gain position on a “once in a lifetime” great opportunity.

Experienced and successful business professionals say that it takes the right opportunity, the right timing and the required amount of cash, in order to build a successful new business. We are providing two out of three of the most critical components. All you need to provide is the financing.