“You cannot manage if you don’t measure”.
Bactronix Corp has developed the (BATC) program which utilizes the ATP Detection System for measuring surface contamination levels. BATC (Bionomic Assessment, Treatment and Certification) is a comprehensive record keeping program that monitors the levels of ATP and bio-activity in a home or facility. A BAR (Bionomic Assessment Report) is generated to establish the initial biological footprint of an existing area. Once tests are compiled, a treatment protocol is recommended. After treatment, a retesting of those areas listed on the BAR report will confirm the reduction of bio-activity to much lower levels. Once compliant with lower ATP levels, the Bactronix “Anti-microbial Seal Of Certification” is awarded as confirmation of our microbial control program. The BATC program offers testing, treatment, records and certification which establish a pro-active the pro-active monitoring of bio-activity.

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