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I Bionomics
Bionomics is our study of environmental conditions which can harbor bacteria and allow for cross-contamination in buildings including, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, transportation facilities, gymnasiums, residential homes ... just about anywhere we live, work and play.


II Assessment

A Bionomic Assessment is the evaluation of the environmental conditions in buildings which can harbor micro-organisms. By recognizing and identifying areas of contamination, the Bactronix Bionomic Specialist provides recommendations for treatment.

Assessment for mold, virus, bacteria - VOCsAdenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP) Detection System
bactrometerATP is used to measure the amount of living organisms that are present on selected hard and soft surface areas. The FDA has recognized the use of luminometers which can quickly determine levels of biological activity in the food processing industry. These luminometers are now recommended by several other organizations including the EPA.

Bionemic Assessment Report (BAR)
bactrometerCHARTThe BAR Report documents the location, results and dates of the tested areas in the facility. The current microbial levels, type of treatment used and post treatment results will be documented and color-coded with the percentage of realized improvement. The BAR Report provides a visual "snap shot" of the BIOLOGICAL condition of the facility.


III The Two Step Aitmicrobial Treatment

The exclusive Bactronizing™ Process uses environmentally friendly nanotechnology distributed with an advanced electrostatic spray system. Our hospital grade, EPA registered Disinfecting products are highly effective against dangerous biofilm and microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, mildew, algae, viruses and VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds).


BactroKill™ - Disinfection

The BactroKill Process is applied through an advanced electrostatic delivery system to ensure 100% coverage of the intended area. A "Surface Friction" is created that weakens and ruptures dangerous BIOFILM, allowing the patented agent to infiltrate the CELL ENVIRONMENT and destroy the organism.

The BactroKill Process utilizes an environmentally friendly nanotechnology that is stabilized in water. It contains a pre-set intelligence, designed to seek out and physically kill bacteria through a mechanical action that dismembers the cell into parts. The process will not produce by-products or VOC's.


BactroBlock™ - Protection

The BactroBlock Process is also applied through the same advanced electrostatic delivery system to ensure 100% coverage of the intended area. It is engineered with an organosilane that is stabilized in water, able to coat porous and non-porous surfaces.

The BactroBlock Process establishes an environmentally friendly "Micro-Biostatic" antimicrobial protection. this process has residual efficacy that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, fungi, and virus for extended periods of time.


IV Certification

certificateThumbnail WarrantyThe Bactronizing Seal of Certification
is a symbol of health and safety
Certification of sanitization


Certification requires adherence to the protocol of the BATC program and the records that are verified through Bionomics Assessment Reports. Our program is supported with a "Seal of Certification." The seal will be displayed in a prominent place within the treated area. Also, a Certificate of Compliance will be dated and issued for your records.

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