Free Mold, Mildew, Virus - Sanitation Evaluation


biofilm2bHarmful organisms form cell layers as they attach to any surface. The cells grow, divide, and the layers intertwine to form a dense protective layer called BIOFILM.

The BIOFILM shields and prevents most sanitizers from infiltrating and killing the organism.

Bactronizing is a revolutionary new process that is leading the industry by providing a totally "Green" sanitizing solution to eliminate mold, mildew, food-related illnesses and other harmful viral/bacterial infections for all types of environments. It is proven safe and effective for human and animal environments.

The Bactronizing™ Procedure

  • We first test the suspected area and measure the amount of contamination using a BactroMeter.
  • Once the presence of pathogens is determined and quantified, an electrostatically charged spray of the BactroKill Process is atomized throughout the entire area.
  • This Treatment is effective up to 90 days.
  • The BactroBlock Process is then applied to extend the protection of the sanitized area.

BactroMeter™ is a luminometer that is industry proven. The equipment is used for testing the bio-luminescence of a contaminated surface.

The BactroKill Process includes is a non-toxic "Green," environmentally friendly biocide. It breaks down the biofilm and kills the microbes and bacteria that escape normal disinfectant cleaners.

The BactroBlock Process includes a water based anti-microbial protective coating that inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes odors, stains and discoloration. Once applied, it sets up molecular spikes similar to a "bed of needles." Microbes that land on this "bed of needles" are impaled, rupturing the cell wall and eliminating the microbe. No poisons or toxic chemicals are utilized that can cause mutation or adaptive changes in the microbes resulting in the prevention of the "Superbug" syndrome.



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