In light of the revelation that this year’s flu vaccine – depending on the source – was only 11 to 20 percent effective, it’s not surprising that 2015 saw the disease spread throughout the country, resulting in epidemics in more than 25 states. With such sobering statistics in mind, it is of the utmost importance that environmental departments in hospitals, schools, care facilities and office buildings contract with Bactronix to test and disinfect their buildings 

avoid illness with Bactronix

to create a safer environment.

Infection control has become a major concern and Bactronix can provide test data and if required can treat for mold, bacteria and viruses, including Ebola, Staph, MRSA and C.Diff. A pandemic like Ebola and the rapid spread of Measles clearly demonstrate that infection control is moving to the top of the environmental priority list.

For more information on the Bactronizing service and the Hospital Grade Disinfecting Products call 1-855—515- 3231.

Bactronix knows how to “Fight the Invisible Enemy” and how to create a safer environment for patients, as well as, for the employees. 

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