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Absenteeism and last year’s health scares are proof there is a lot of room for improvement of infection control in schools. What’s missing with current school cleaning/disinfecting programs?

1) Selecting the appropriate products and developing effective procedures.

2) Knowing when and how to change rags and sponges so contaminants are nor spread to clean surfaces.

3) Allowing for adequate dwell time for products on surfaces. Current products on the market require dwell time (10 – 14 Minutes) for microbes to get poisoned and die. Not much cleaning and disinfecting can get done using this approach.

4) Frequency of cleaning, required to effectively control the spread of infectious diseases.

5) Following manufacturer’s directions for dilution rates.

6) Proper training for custodians.

Darrel Hicks, author of “Infection Control for Dummies” makes the following statement: School boards are looking at dollar savings, and if it’s between teachers and custodians, they usually choose teachers over custodians – until an outbreak happens, and then they can’t clean fast enough”. Bactronix has solved the above listed problems by engineering and designing a proven technology of “No Touch” disinfecting that can be applied by trained custodians in schools, care facilities and hospitals.

The BactroKart model RRB-1500, Rapid Response Package includes:

1) Training and certification of your staff and custodians to test and generate Bionomic Assessment Reports (BAR), as well as, written Bionomic Assessment Treatment and Certification (BATC) reports.

2) Fully equipped BactroKart with exclusive “NO Touch” advanced electrostatic spray equipment.

3) Luminometer, ATP test swabs and test reports

4) Hospital Grade, non-toxic, disinfecting products (RTU-ready To Use, no mixing required).

5) Annual Bactronix performance review.

6) One year warranty, service and performance certification.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes. Be pro-active, up-date your products and services and contact Bactronix for an in house demonstration.

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