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Absenteeism and last year’s health scares are proof there is a lot of room for improvement of infection control in schools. What’s missing with current school cleaning/disinfecting programs?

1) Selecting the appropriate products and developing effective procedures.

2) Knowing when and how to change rags and sponges so contaminants are nor spread to clean surfaces.

3) Allowing for adequate dwell time for products on surfaces. Current products on the market require dwell time (10 – 14 Minutes) for microbes to get poisoned and die. Not much cleaning and disinfecting can get done using this approach.

4) Frequency of cleaning, required to effectively control the spread of infectious diseases.

5) Following manufacturer’s directions for dilution rates.

6) Proper training for custodians.

Darrel Hicks, author of “Infection Control for Dummies” makes the following statement: School boards are looking at dollar savings, and if it’s between teachers and custodians, they usually choose teachers over custodians – until an outbreak happens, and then they can’t clean fast enough”. Bactronix has solved the above listed problems by engineering and designing a proven technology of “No Touch” disinfecting that can be applied by trained custodians in schools, care facilities and hospitals.

The BactroKart model RRB-1500, Rapid Response Package includes:

1) Training and certification of your staff and custodians to test and generate Bionomic Assessment Reports (BAR), as well as, written Bionomic Assessment Treatment and Certification (BATC) reports.

2) Fully equipped BactroKart with exclusive “NO Touch” advanced electrostatic spray equipment.

3) Luminometer, ATP test swabs and test reports

4) Hospital Grade, non-toxic, disinfecting products (RTU-ready To Use, no mixing required).

5) Annual Bactronix performance review.

6) One year warranty, service and performance certification.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes. Be pro-active, up-date your products and services and contact Bactronix for an in house demonstration.

Bactronizing Our Way to a Healthier Environment
for Pets and People with Bactronix®

Eliminate odors from

We pet lovers and guardians enjoy the close bond we share with our pets. As pet lovers, there is nothing better than snuggling up with our furry friends! However, how often do we stop and think about what they may carry from their daily routines until we notice an odor? Do we even think about bacteria as a possible cause of odors?  

We all have the challenge of controlling pet odors and their origin effectively. Odors are bad enough, but when you consider that bacteria, fungus and viruses are contributing to the odor, it is an entirely new issue. To the average person odors are annoying, but to people suffering from a compromised immune system, respiratory or other health issues the underlying cause is potentially dangerous.

Our pets live indoors and outdoors. They constantly pick up odor-causing microorganisms from the environment. From outside in our yards, the neighborhood, woods, dog parks, kennels and even in veterinary offices, our pets are hosts to pesky germs. Of course, we tend to only notice when our pet gets skunked or rolls in what they consider fragrant eau de toilette de poop! Invisible microbes, airborne viruses and mold spores use our pets to cross-contaminate our home environment.

Our homes can become breeding grounds for mold and bacteria which can end up contaminating our ventilation systems. “Sick Home Syndrome” is the term used by the Environmental Protection Agency to define a home environment that is hazardous to your health. The EPA statistics are alarming at 6 in 10 homes are environmentally hazardous!  

Steps can be taken to ensure that we can enjoy our pets in a safe clean environment. Pet waste, especially cat urine on carpets and flooring can be difficult to clean; especially having it reoccur. The challenge of managing odors, starts with knowledge, awareness and action. A clean and healthy environment can be obtained through specialized testing and a routine treatment plan for the entire house.

eliminate-pet-odors 03Aside from traditional routine cleaning procedures, there is now a better option for both our homes and pet care facilities. Bactronix Corporation, a Pittsburgh-based company, has developed proven specialized testing and disinfecting procedures. They use an EPA approved process, Bactronizing, for a complete, effective and affordable hospital grade disinfecting program.

Bactronix Corp. serves many industries such as in hospitals, schools, daycare facilities, cars, boats, veterinary facilities and animal shelters. Bactronix uses a very sophisticated, safe, organic system to test, diagnose and treat pets and the environment. Utilizing science-based practices, testing is performed on porous and non-porous surfaces to determine the bioactivity which cause odors and illness. They use advanced technology through an electrostatic delivery of their antimicrobial disinfectant and protectants which kills viruses and bacteria, including H1N1, C. Diff, MRSA and ringworm. The Bactronizing process is a 2-step, environmentally friendly disinfecting process. This Nanotechnology physically kills the odorcausing microorganisms.

Boarding, grooming and veterinary facilities, similar to our human hospitals, are also turning to Bactronix to control these contagious microorganisms that can cause infections. Dr. Susan Wagner of MedVet Medical & Cancer Center for Pets in Worthington Ohio says that Canine Parvovirus (CPV) is a highly contagious infectious disease that usually affects very young dogs. Parvovirus mainly attacks the intestinal tract, but also compromises the immune system. This can be fatal to young and/or immune-compromised dogs. The risk has been greatly reduced through a core vaccination program. Although occurrences of outbreaks are less frequent, animal care and breeding facilities can be at risk for CPV cases Facilities which incorporate stringent isolation and disinfecting procedures can greatly reduce the spread of CPV.

Bactronix is a supporter of the veterinary industry. With the goal to promote environmental health, safety and wellness. Close contact with animals can result in cross-contamination and the spread of dangerous bacteria. General surface areas, professional tools and direct contact are large contributors to the spread of germs. To protect your animals as well as yourselves, Bactronix® has developed a high performance, non-toxic, disinfecting technology that is safe for people, pets, plants and the environment. The Bactronizing process along with a daily cleaning protocol with BactroKill will take your health and safety standards to the next level.


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An independent laboratory study verifies that the Bactronizing Process meets the standards for killing the Canine Parvovirus. The study title is a “GLP Hard Surface Disinfection Evaluation of one Test Product (BactroKill) versus Canine Parvovirus.” Testing was based on methods described in the American Society for Test Materials (ASTM) E1053-11, based on US Environmental Protection Agency protocols.

For both facilities and in our homes, Bactrokill is an amazingly safe cleaner and disinfectant. It is also safe to use on your pets coat for any odors and has proven to be effective against the dreaded skunk odor! The product also has a lasting effect with durability that continues to protect between treatments.
Bactronix offers a great solution to assure we have a safer environment for ourselves, and our pets.

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