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The Bionomic Specialist from Bactronix will visit your home or business and provide you with a free estimate. If you wish to have your home or commercial facility tested, the charge is $ 75.00 which will be credited in full when you order the Bactronizing treatment service.

The testing charge of $ 75.00 includes up to 5 tests at different locations inside the home or commercial facility. The data from the tests is transferred into a Bionomic Assessment Report (BAR) of which you receive a copy.

The evaluation and testing process includes inspection of the HVAC duct system, air quality testing, moisture measurements, humidity measurements and surface contamination tests at different locations. High levels of contamination may cause health related effects for residents, visitors, employees and customers. Mold related issues are often the cause for “Sick Home Syndrome" or "Sick Building Syndrome".

In case you have physical mold or in case you suffer from headaches, ear nose or throat irritation, skin rashes, allergies, asthma, breathing/respiratory problems, low energy levels/fatigue while you are home or at work, have your home or facility tested. Most homeowners or building occupants do not realize that their home or work facility is causing their prolonged, or sometimes chronic illness.

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