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Cosmetology1With an industry that is licensed to touch, cross contamination is very high.  The typical chemical cleaning protocol for the beauty industry is not working like it used to in such highly contaminated areas.  Bacteria have become more resistant to chemical disinfection over the years.  This has been one of the reasons why we have stronger bacteria and viruses on the rise in the beauty industry.   Toxic chemicals are also very dangerous for beauty professionals and to use around clients.  Chemicals can be carcinogenic when inhaled and handled without gloves. 

Bactronix Recognized the Need- 
In 2011 Bactronix partnered with licensed PA Cosmetology Instructor Desiree Powell.  From there Bactronix used the BactroKill Plus formula to develop C3-Cosmetology Complete Care.   

Why this was an important mission for Desiree and the team at Bactronix-
“When you think of being a hairdresser, what words come to mind?  Perhaps it’s creativity, glamour, or fashion.  For me, it’s the word extraordinary!  As a Cosmetologist, I love the fact that we have the power to change lives.  So many people from different walks of life sit in your chair.  We have the ability to make them feel good about who they are.

A word that might not come to mind when being a hairdresser is cancer.  Hairdressers are among the top 10 professions in the world to have the highest risk for cancer, according to the National Cancer Institute.   Ranked with rubber manufacturing, mining, and plastic workers, it makes you wonder what are we exposed to. 

We all know chemicals are a big part of our business.  Hair color, perms and relaxers usually come to mind first when considering chemicals.  However, have you ever thought of the most common chemical we touch and use every day?  Found on every station is a highly toxic disinfectant.   The next time you are in the salon read the label which says “Hazardous to Humans and Domestic Animals”.   You also might find it interesting to read the rest of the label stating that it is corrosive and causes irreversible eye damage and skin burns.  It may also say do not get into eyes, on skin or clothing.  Harmful, wear protective eye wear, clothing and rubber gloves when handling.  Wash hands and tools thoroughly with soap and water after handling.  The EPA requires these warnings to be on the label due to the high toxicity of the disinfectant and the risks you take by being exposed to this chemical.  
Some common chemical ingredients are Isopropyl Alcohol, Sodium Nitrite, and Phenols.  All of which are categorized as carcinogenic.  As Hairdressers, consider the long period of time we’ve been exposed to these ingredients.  Harmful bi-products and VOCs within these chemicals are released into the environment which we breathe in as well!  Did you know that if you breathe in poisonous disinfectants you should immediately inhale fresh air for 20 minutes?  If condition worsens contact a physician.   Let’s face it, the risk of using these highly toxic chemicals needs to stop!
Picture1Let’s make a stand as hairdressers! 
Bactronix Corp in Pittsburgh PA has developed C3- Cosmetology Complete Care.  Instead of poisonous chemicals they use an advanced environmentally friendly nanotechnology to kill bacteria.  EPA registered as a Hospital grade disinfectant, it meets the highest of state standards across the country. 

C3 is safe for people, plants, pets, and the environment.  No risk to touch, breathe in and no guess work.  It is quick, ready to use and safe to spray anywhere.   We deserve a place where the highest safety precautions are met when performing a service in a salon.  So, let’s destroy bacteria safely without the use of poisonous chemicals. 

The beauty industry is always changing lets change with it and make a difference.”

-Desiree Powell      


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