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Bactronix is a life saver! Bactronix is the REAL DEAL!...
Two thumbs up for BACTRONIX!!  Their service really WORKS!!

Bactronix is a life saver! Bactronix is the REAL DEAL! Bactronix will come into your home or business and assess the areas or problems you have concerns with. They will then explain their process that will rid you of your problem. Their service really WORKS!! Our school utilized Bactronix for the locker rooms and the gymnasium to eliminate dangerous germs on the equipment and the unpleasant smell that goes along with a school gym. Everyone was amazed that the odor was immediately gone after their service was performed for good. In todays world with bacteria can live on surfaces for weeks that can spread illnesses, this service is vital to a healthy environment.

I also purchase travel size spay bottles of their BACTROKILL which is a safe and toxic free hospital grade disinfectant. I use it on high chairs, tables or any surface when I am out and about or traveling. It is TSA approved size and their is no smell to it so its user friendly around anyone. I constantly am being asked about this product. My friends try it and are hooked immediately! Its so easy to keep a bottle in your car or purse. The other product I love is their SOL ( sport odor liquidator) spray for smelly athletic gear and stinky shoes! Again, this stuff is AMAZING and really works. You spray the equipment and when it dries, the smell is eliminated because the bacteria is killed with the product not just covered up with a fragrance! Two thumbs up for BACTRONIX!!

-Renee C..


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