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Comparing Flea and Tick Treatments: Which is Best for Your Pet?

It doesn’t matter what part of the country you live in; Lyme disease is becoming more prevalent in both animals and humans. Since ticks carry Lyme disease, pet owners know they need effective preventative treatment. In addition, pet owners know the headaches that can result from a flea infestation so preventing fleas is always a top priority.

 Here, we’ll compare flea and tick treatments so you can decide if you want to use topical treatments, collars, oral medications, or a non-toxic product for your dog or cat like BactroBUG.

Topical Treatments to Prevent Fleas and Ticks


The instructions tell you to part the hair between your pet’s shoulder blades and apply all of the liquid in one spot. If you have more than one pet, keep them separated until the treatment dries to reduce the risk of one pet licking the treatment off of the other pet.


Always read the label to see the ingredients, especially if you have cats, since The Pet Poison Helpline, says permethrin is extremely toxic to cats. 

Since these treatments contain chemicals, the directions say to avoid petting, cuddling, or playing with your pet until the product has dried. If you have young children, it’s probably best to apply this when children are asleep or outside of the home to ensure they don’t touch the pesticide then inadvertently touch their mouth.  

Always make sure you get the right product for your pet’s weight. One study found that dogs between 10 to 20 pounds were most susceptible to having rashes, vomiting, diarrhea and seizures. Also, consider your pet’s health. Ask your vet if this is a good option if your dog is older, sick, or on other medications. 

Collars to Prevent Fleas and Ticks


Very easy. Pick the right size collar, read the directions and put it around your dog’s neck. 


Many organizations urge pet owners to be cautious before using this form of tick control since they contain some of the most dangerous insecticides. 

In fact, the American Veterinary Medical Association reported on several problems with a popular brand of flea and tick collars. The U.S. House Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy is researching reports that one specific collar has, ‘…killed thousands of pets and may have caused injuries to many more pets as well as humans.”

Some pet owners who purchased collars online have discovered that they received counterfeit collars. If you choose to buy a collar, getting one through your veterinarian can ensure you receive a collar made with FDA-approved ingredients. 

If you have children, make sure they do not play with the collar. 

Oral Medications to Prevent Fleas and Ticks


Very easy. Unlike topical treatments, you won’t wonder if you applied it correctly. And, unlike collars, you don’t have to worry about it coming loose and getting lost. If your pet is hesitant about eating the pill, it’s easy to sneak it into a favorite treat. 


As with any other flea and tick treatment, you must read the directions. Some over-the-counter pills only kill adult fleas. They do not claim to kill any flea larvae or eggs on your dog so they will not prevent another flea infestation. Also, some of these products only work on fleas, not both fleas and ticks. 

You might want to check this list the FDA released to see if the ingredients in the pill you are considering using fall into the isoxazoline class of drugs. According to this fact sheet on the potential adverse events with products containing isoxazoline, a few of the side effects include:

  • Muscle tremors
  • Ataxia
  • Seizures

BactroBUG to Prevent Fleas and Ticks


Shake the bottle, start at your pet’s hindquarters and brush back the fur to expose the skin. Gently mist BactroBug all over your pet, from back to front. Then, massage the product deep into the coat. 


None. Since it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, it’s safe for pets, adults and children. 

While applying to the face, remember to shield your pet’s eyes with your hand. If you do happen to get some of the product in your pet’s eyes, rinse their eyes with tap water. 

A Safer Alternative for Complete Flea and Tick Control

 Using BactroBug is a non-toxic, eco-friendly way to protect everyone in your family from the health concerns that can be attributed to ticks and fleas. When you order BactroBUG, you can spray your pet, pet beds, play areas, home carpeting and furniture to keep your pets and family members safe without using dangerous toxins.

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