How to Remove Pet Odor

October 2023 Update: This blog mentions a product, BactroBug, that has since been discontinued, but we feel the information presented is still useful. Please view our other products that can aid in sanitation and pest prevention.

If you’ve got pets, you’re probably dealing with pet odors. As much as we love our furry family members, they definitely bring the smells, and whether you’re dealing with problems you know exist or you’re just paranoid that your house smells like your pet, it’s something you have to address. How do you remove pet odor from your home? We’ve got some suggestions.

  • ABV- Always be vacuuming! If you’ve got pets, this is necessary, and it’s helpful to buy a vacuum designed to remove pet hair. Vacuum your carpets and then vacuum everything else, too, to get rid of pet hair and dander. Vacuum the curtains, vacuum behind all the furniture and in every nook and cranny, and to remove pet odor from couch cushions, vacuum those too. Vacuum under the couch cushions and vacuum the pet beds. To help eliminate pet odor, you might consider sprinkling baking soda on carpets and cushions before you vacuum them. Vacuum or sweep hard floors, then mop with a pet-safe cleaner.
  • Clean all the things! Anything that can go into the washing machine should go into the washing machine regularly. This means pet beds, toys, and blankets, but it also means your linens if your animals sleep on your beds. And because it’s hard to effectively remove pet odor from furniture, consider buying washable covers. Remember that just about any surface can harbor bacteria, so pets’ dishes, toys, leashes, collars, and other accessories need to be cleaned too. Deal with messes quickly, so they don’t have a chance to set in.
  • Use the right tools. As previously mentioned, a pet-centric vacuum cleaner can be a good investment. The same holds true for a wet vac and a steam cleaner, as well. As for cleaning solutions, try a commercial pet odor neutralizer or stain remover. Enzyme based cleaners are good when you need to remove pet odor from carpet, because they naturally break down waste like urine, feces, and vomit. If you prefer a homemade cleaning spray, try dissolving 1 tablespoon of salt in 2 cups of warm water, then adding ½ cup white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of detergent, and 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol. Remove as much of the substance as you can, spray with water and blot with a dry paper towel, then saturate the spot with your spray cleaner, sprinkle with baking soda, and allow it to dry before vacuuming. Note: this is not appropriate for urine because it contains vinegar, which can prompt pets to use that same spot again.
  • Call in the professionals. If, in your quest to eliminate pet odor, home remedy solutions haven’t worked for you, it’s time to call in people who know how to make pet odor a thing of the past.

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