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How to Prevent Heartworm with Pest Control Products

October 2023 Update: This blog mentions a product, BactroBug, that has since been discontinued, but we feel the information presented is still useful. Please view our other products that can aid in sanitation and pest prevention.

Heartworm is one of the deadliest diseases your pet can face. It causes permanent damage to the heart, even if you manage to treat it before it becomes fatal. Luckily, heartworm can be prevented with the right precautions. Here’s how to help prevent heartworm with pest control products.

Heartworm and Mosquitoes

You might think heartworm is only a dog disease, but cats and ferrets can get heartworm, too! Heartworm gets into an animal’s blood through a mosquito bite, and yes, they are actual worms. As the microscopic heartworm larvae grow, they take up residence in the heart and can even spread to the lungs. Many dog owners give their pups heartworm preventative, but there are extra steps you can take.   

Pest Control and Heartworm Prevention

It’s important to keep mosquitos away from your pet’s living area, whether indoor or outdoor. Some people mistakenly believe indoor cats can’t get heartworm if they don’t go outside, but how many times have you had mosquitos in the house? Pet water bowls provide a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, so even indoor pets can be at risk.

At Bactronix, we developed BactroBUG with pets in mind. It’s safe to use on pet bedding, fabric and carpets, and it deters all kinds of insects and bugs, including fleas, ticks and mosquitos. BactroBUG is non-toxic and eco-responsible so you can use it around children and pets without any chemical odors.

Order BactroBUG online or find it at local retailers. Help keep your pets safe from heartworm disease with Bactronix!