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How to Use BactroKill to Treat Fungi on Plants

It can be a struggle to figure out how to treat fungi on plants. Plus, once you’ve gotten rid of the fungi, it may regrow quickly. Many products or remedies may be efficient at removing fungi, however not all are safe for the plant and not all stop regrowth. Here’s how you can treat fungal growth on plants using home remedies or diluted BactroKill antimicrobial spray.  

Home Remedies for Fungi on Plants

It may seem that home remedies are less expensive than commercial products, but this is not always true. Most home remedies include basic ingredients like baking soda, cinnamon (to treat fungus gnats), and even chamomile tea. However, it may take repeated usage of home remedies to fully treat fungi.

Using home remedies tends to be safer for the environment than most commercial fungicides, but repeated usage of some home remedies can also harm the plant. For example, baking soda solutions may soak into the soil and impact plant growth. There’s also the issue of effectiveness. Not only does it take many applications, but home remedies often don’t stop re-infection. 

Treating Plant Fungi with BactroKill

BactroKill is an EPA-registered antimicrobial spray disinfectant. It’s specifically formulated for residential usage while being eco-responsible.  When diluted, it provides several benefits over home remedies, including:

  • Sanitizing the plant using an EPA-certified formula that kills more than 140 different types of viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
  • Being non-corrosive and gentle on plants.
  • Removing fungi and mold in as little as 60 seconds compared to days or weeks with home remedies.
  • Removing fungal and bacteria odors, compared to home remedies that are usually not strong enough to remove these smells.
  • Effective fungi removal that is rated at the EPA’s lowest toxicity level and won’t harm the environment or people and pets.

Home remedies are a simple way to treat fungi because most people already have baking soda and other common products around the house. However, BactroKill provides a safe and effective way to remove fungal infestation and help keep it from coming back when diluted with 2-parts water and 1-part BactroKill. 

Learn more about the benefits of BactroKill here, and reach out with any product questions!