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The Bactronix® Team


Batronix Team2Bactronix® has its own fleet of uniformed, high-tech service teams. Each team is provided with a Bactro-Service Van that includes state-of-the-art detecting, measuring and treating equipment. Our technicians are highly trained and certified to analyze, measure and treat a facility.

For emergency calls, our teams will respond within 24 hours and provide the customer with a detailed analysis report, the recommended treatment process and the time required from start to the finish.


Three individuals of diverse backgrounds are the founders of the Bactronix Corporation. Through their abilities to bring knowledge and skills to Bactronix in a unique, ethical and creative manner, the synergy among these leaders will bring a fresh and efficient approach to this industry, just like the synergy within the Bactronizing process. These people are:


Joseph Kleynjans

JPK-Blue Burst Fight BlackSM

Teaching degree in Mechanical Engineering from the HTS in Heerlen, the Netherlands. Prior to founding Bactronix, Kleynjans held a number of positions varying from VP to President and Owner/CEO, across international companies. He has been involved in three start-up companies that he led to very successful enterprises. Kleynjans serves on the board of directors of several companies. He is recognized as a global business leader with extensive experience in management, business development, as well as, systems implementation and automation. He is the President and CEO of the Bactronix Corporation and can be reached at 412-375-7886 x 101.

Vincent Valicenti
B.S in Elementary Education, (Juniata College); M.Ed. in Counseling, (University of Pittsburgh); Principals’ Certificate (Youngstown University) and former Associate Director of ASSET Inc., the organization responsible for managing and coordinating the Statewide Science: It’s Elementary program.  His extensive experience in educational communities brings a wealth of knowledge to the organization to serve the school markets. He is a Vice President and can be reached at 412-375-7886 x 103.

A.J. Powell
B.A. of Fine Arts in Industrial Design, Carnegie Mellon University. A.J. has acquired several federal patents and trademarks and has appeared on the CBS Evening News and Good Morning America. He has served as President of The Leaders Group and formally held the position of President and CEO of Powell Products, Inc. He has served as Director of Corporate Accounts in the Contract Furniture Industry and has extensive knowledge of product design and development.  He is Vice President and can be reached at 412-375-7886 x 104

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