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4 Steps for Improving Indoor Air Quality

Bacteria, mold, allergens, and odors can negatively affect your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). From commercial spaces to residential properties, Bactronix has been keeping improving IAQ with our KleanseAir TRIO Purification Units, air duct cleaning services, and hospital-grade disinfectant products. Here’s the four-step system our air purification units use to improve IAQ.

Step One: Ionizing

We start with state-of-the-art NeedlePoint Bi-polar Ionization (NPBI) equipment to generate billions of positive and negative ions. These ions are mixed with filtered air and released into the space being disinfected. Negative air ions have been an effective way to clean air for more than a century. Unlike older ionizing equipment, our NPBI units disinfect the air without releasing ozone, and we meet all EPA ozone-free regulations.

Step Two: MERV 8 Pre-Filter

Once ionized, air is sent through a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) 8 filter to remove large particulates like pollen, dust, and lint. For spaces with odor problems and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as paints and refrigerants.

Step Three: HEPA Filtration

Next air is moved through a high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) 13 filter. Industrial HEPA 13 systems provide high-capacity, medical-grade filtration that removes 99.5% of all airborne contaminants. This includes smaller particles like viruses, mites, fungi, mold spores, bacteria, allergens, and more.

Step Four: UV Light Disinfection

Finally, air circulates through our system’s built-in UV-C Germicidal Lamps. These UV lamps eliminate mold spores, odors, bacteria, viruses, and more. UV is a safe and effective way to disinfect air as it passes through our KleanseAir TRIO system. 

Bactronix indoor air quality services are trusted by high-touch businesses like gyms, hotels, schools and restaurants. When air duct disinfection is combined with our EPA registered surface disinfection products, companies can keep their employees and tenants safe from 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and contaminants.  To get started with an eco-responsible disinfection protocol, give us a call! We have disinfecting solutions for everyone.