Named One of the Best Pittsburgh Mold Remediation Companies

Mold Remediation Companies

At Bactronix, we’ve created a culture where everyone strives to be their best. From creating products that work without harming the environment, to treating our customers with respect, and testing before and after our services so customers see results. 

Even though we are rewarded simply by doing a good job, we are honored when we receive praise.  Recently, gave us an A+ rating for our mold remediation work. This, combined with the testimonials from our customers reminds us of the importance of doing a job well done. 

In addition to this rating from, we’ve received positive feedback from our customers. They tell us they appreciate the following:

  1. Our guarantee.
  2. Our professional testing before we do remediation.
  3. The evaluation we provide before we start working.
  4. Our proprietary Bactronizing® process which is applied electrostatically to ensure 100% coverage for the elimination of mold, fungi, algae, and other harmful viruses and bacteria and to help prevent future re-growth.
  5. The testing we do after treatment to prove we’ve eliminated the problem.
  6. The certification we give after the mold has been removed. 
  7. Our one-year warranty against mold regrowth. hires mystery shoppers to call service providers and rank them anonymously.  If you find yourself needing mold remediation work, please contact us. If you do, you’re sure to count yourself among our treasured customers.