Signs of Water Damage: What Does it Look Like?

Signs of Water Damage: What Does it Look Like? 

Water damage can emerge from numerous sources, some of which homeowners cannot fully control. Severe rainstorms, malfunctioning appliances, or even a simple leak for example, can lead to extensive water damage. Not only will this cause severe structural damage to the surrounding area, but if not immediately addressed, water damage produces moisture that promotes mold growth.

Homeowners who stay on top of routine maintenance can prevent costly water damage problems. Though, some instances of water damage are hidden or occur gradually over time. Consequently, spotting signs of water damage is not always straightforward—but rather tricky. Here are the signs you should look for when trying to detect water damage in your home.

Visual Signs of Water Damage

  1. Water Stains – Dark spots on the walls, floors, or ceilings are indicative of water damage. These stains or discoloration appear slowly, without an obvious reason; indicating that an undetected water leak has occurred within the roof or walls. Discoloration occurs most frequently in corners where the walls meet the ceilings and floors.
  2. Paint Damage – Paint can reveal when water damage has occurred. Painted surfaces with water damage show cracks, peeling, bubbling, or flaking. 
  3. Pooling Water – Homeowners may discover a pool of water under a pipe or appliance. If the puddle of water returns after cleaning, it is a clear indication of a leak and should be promptly repaired.
  4. Dampness and Humidity – Moisture should not accumulate inside a home. When homeowners find condensation on surfaces, it means a leak has developed nearby. Unexplained humidity inside the home is another telltale sign of an undetected water leak.

Other Common Ways to Detect Water Damage

While looking for visual signs of water damage is a prudent practice to maintain your home, other clues can point to water damage, as well. Noticing an unexplained spike in your water bill, for example, is oftentimes a major sign that hidden water damage has developed inside the property. 

Mold can also develop within 24 to 48 hours after exposure to moisture caused by water damage. Water leaks behind the walls or under cabinets, for example, can trigger mold growth in those areas. Mold growth is also accompanied by a musty smell. When excess water has been absorbed into porous materials, like drywall or wood, the musty odor will appear.  Walking into a room filled with this distinct odor means dampness, water damage, and mold are present.

Clean up With Bactronix

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