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Creating and Maintaining
A Healthy Living Environment

Residential and Commercial Solutions.

Professional Grade – SOL – Sport Odor Liquidator

Price: $11.95

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Great Lavender Scent - 1 Pint Bottle

SOL is a very effective Sport Odor Liquidator for hard and soft surfaces. It has great residual value and can be used on athletic equipment, gear, and footwear. It works to attack odors at their source.

Eliminates the toughest athlete odors while adding a protective coating to keep your gear fresh and free of odors caused by bacteria. It works to attack odors at their source, not just to cover up the odor with a scent. The exclusive antimicrobial technology keeps working to provide a fresh scent.

4 reviews for Professional Grade – SOL – Sport Odor Liquidator

  1. Amelia Lockhardt

    My son is a hockey player. His bag always smells awful because he never airs out his equipment. Febreeze never seemed to work. It would mask the odor temporarily and then 2 hours later the smell was back with a vengeance. We purchased SOL at the RMU sports complex and my garage hasn’t smelled better in years! I make my son spray his bag every night and you’d never know that my garage had sweaty hockey gear in it.

  2. Kelley Johnson

    We use the product in the bathroom to kill the bad odor. I have three sons and a husband and the stench at times was unbearable. I thought if S.O.L. can kill odors from a hockey bag it might also kill odors in my bathroom. Guess what….it really works and on top of that, it is non-toxic.

  3. Jason Heggs

    I am a high school varsity hockey player and because of the smell I was no longer allowed to bring the hockey bag into the house, so I left it in the car. Needless to say my car smelled like a septic tank. My mom had heard from other hockey parents about S.O.L. from Bactronix and had purchased a few spray bottles on line. My hockey gear is back in the garage because this product really works,
    I first thought S.O.L. was meant for me personally: Sh……Out of Luck but it stands for Sports Odor Liquidator. The name does justice to the product.

  4. Lisa Verback

    Last week we were at the RMU sports facility in Pittsburgh when I noticed the S.O.L. products in the hockey store. My oldest son plays college hockey and my youngest son plays J.V. hockey.
    Over the years I have bought many products to kill the odor of the bag and the equipment but nothing worked.
    I bought the S.O.L. and both of my sons started using it. Oh my God……I discovered a product that really works!!!! Where were you for all these years? You could have saved me from a lot of suffering and aggravation..

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