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How to Use No-Touch Disinfection Equipment

Hospitals and health care facilities face special challenges when it comes to disinfecting surfaces. No-touch disinfection (NTD) systems are one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of contagion in spaces where airborne diseases may be spread. NTD systems are also used in schools, childcare facilities, fitness centers and more. Here’s what you need to know about NTDs and how to use them at your facility.

Types of No-Touch Disinfection

Before getting into the how, what kind of systems are available? There are two main types of NTD systems: hydrogen peroxide systems and ultraviolet radiation. With hydrogen peroxide, you can use a vapor system or an aerosolized system.

There are also electrostatic spray systems that pass atomized droplets through an electrode in order to negatively charge them. These negatively charged droplets are magnetically attracted to surfaces and bond to them, including hard-to-reach hidden surfaces.

Finally, Ultraviolet radiation NTD systems are hand-held devices that need to be used very close to surfaces to disinfect them. Ultraviolet radiation systems can be mercury-based or pulsed-xenon systems.

How to use NTDs

Most vaporized systems and aerosolized systems require you to seal any air vents or doors before running the aeration unit. You’ll need to monitor the concentration of disinfectant in the environment, and there may be a generator in addition to the aeration unit (depending on the system). Hydrogen peroxide will be released in the room, and it can take anywhere from two to eight hours to completely disinfect the room’s surfaces.

Electrostatic spray systems, on the other hand, can usually be operated without sealing off a room. Properly trained operators can use a tank and spray gun unit or lightweight portable system to fully disinfect surfaces in as little as half an hour, depending on the size of the space.

Electrostatic systems can also be paired with UV radiation systems to enhance disinfection. For example, the BactroGUN system has an exclusive built-in UV light in addition to spray disinfection for extra cleaning power.

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