The Importance of Disinfecting your Fleet Vehicles 

The Importance of Disinfecting your Fleet Vehicles 

Fleet companies have always been mindful of the condition of their vehicles. Many have now increased their attention in this area and are reviewing their existing cleaning protocols in order to make sure they are doing all they can to protect the well-being of their employees and customers.

High-touch surfaces in vehicles are the most likely to harbor dirt and germs. Implementing standard practices to keep high touch areas as clean as possible will help keep employees and customers healthy. This will prevent them and their families from getting sick, and reduce the amount of time needed off from work–keeping your business working like a well oiled machine. Here are some best practices that fleets can follow to make sure those vehicle surfaces are clean and sanitized. 

Why Disinfect Vehicles and their Systems?

Most airborne bacteria and odors are harmless to humans, but some particles can cause allergic reactions and sickness. And odors, even when harmless, can lower a car’s value and make it uncomfortable for passengers or drivers to breathe. To keep odors and illness under control, vehicle disinfection is a relatively easy way to clean the air system and interior, creating a safer, more comfortable environment.

Basic Cleanliness

A clean vehicle interior is instinctively reassuring and comforting to drivers and passengers. It suggests the operator of the fleet is considerate of a passenger’s well-being and conscious of the details. 

There is a reduced chance of viruses or germs lingering on surfaces when they are regularly cleaned. Wipes and standard car cleaning sprays help remove dirt and dust from door handles, the steering wheel, seats, and anything a driver or passenger might come in contact with. But do they disinfect properly? No.

That is why we created Bactrokill! The Bactrokill antimicrobial spray disinfectant safely disinfects surfaces without harsh chemicals, won’t damage your vehicle’s delicate internal surfaces, or leave behind any harmful fumes or residue.

Science-based Spray Solutions

An effective method for sanitizing and disinfecting is to use No Touch Disinfection Equipment (NTDs) along with a spray solution. Doing so is the best way to expedite treatment and limit downtime. At Bactronix, we use a proprietary cleaning solution that removes 99.9% of illness-causing germs. Our electrostatic spray system completely coats interior surfaces to quickly eliminate pathogens and help stunt their regrowth. Our hospital-grade formula is EPA approved and non-toxic for people and animals.

Sustaining Safety

Sustaining a safe vehicle sanitization protocol requires a certain amount of diligence and understanding of vehicle schedules and usage. The number of passengers each day and trip mileage could require disinfection anywhere from daily application to a single monthly treatment. Calculating your fleet’s treatment application needs should be determined by consulting with a sanitization specialist like us!

Create a Disinfection Schedule with Bactronix! 

Our proprietary cleaning solution and disinfection process are scientifically proven to remove 99.9% of illness causing germs. Our exclusive, hospital grade formula is EPA registered and free of any harsh chemicals, making it not only non-toxic to humans and animals, but safe to use on a vehicle’s delicate interior surfaces without causing any damage or leaving harmful fumes or residue. 

Each vehicle treated by our Bactronizing® process is marked with a Bactronix Seal of Certification sticker. When your customers see our seal they can trust that your vehicle was thoroughly disinfected to eliminate 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria by technology that is backed by years of research and science.

Ready to get on a solid schedule? Whether you need disinfection for your personal vehicle or an entire fleet, give us a call to schedule an appointment!