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How are Vehicle Air Systems Disinfected?

Between carpools, commutes and transporting kids to after school activities, how many hours does the average person spend in their car? That’s a lot of exposure to vehicle air conditioning and heating systems. As far back as 1987, researchers discovered a connection between vehicle air systems and bacteria and fungi that can cause bronchial illnesses. Keeping the air ventilation system clean is key to improving air quality and helping to prevent airborne disease in cars and trucks. Here’s how vehicle air systems are disinfected and why it’s important.

Why Disinfect Vehicle Air Systems?

Most airborne bacteria and odors are harmless to humans, but some ventilation particles can cause allergic reactions and infections, including flu viruses. And odors, even when harmless, can lower a car’s value and make it uncomfortable for passengers to breathe. Some air systems can spread colds, mold, and other airway irritants. To keep odors and illness under control, air system disinfection is a relatively easy way to clean the system and create a safer, more comfortable environment.

Science-based Vehicle Air System Disinfection

Steam and spray systems are the most comprehensive methods of disinfecting vehicle air ducts. Disinfection solutions can be sprayed through a ventilation system to clear out bacteria, molds and viruses. It also helps eliminate unpleasant odors. At Bactronix, we use a proprietary cleaning solution that removes 99.9% of illness-causing germs. Our electrostatic spray system completely coats interior surfaces to quickly eliminate pathogens and help stunt their regrowth. Our hospital-grade formula is EPA approved and non-toxic for people and animals.   

Stay on Top of Air System Maintenance

Vehicle air systems collect condensation and moisture, which make them a prime breeding ground for pathogens. In addition to having the air system disinfected periodically, make sure to have the vehicle’s air filter changed frequently and correctly. This can help keep the system clean between disinfection sessions.

When you need vehicle air system disinfection, give us a call! We regularly service entire fleets, from car dealerships and fleet vehicles to EMS vehicles and auto detailers. Contact us to find out how we can get your air system running more cleanly.